F**k Yeah CORKs!

There's water at the bottom of the ocean

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so the flotation on one of our elevators that we use to take shit to and from the seafloor totally imploded…..the floats are essentially glass balls. fucking INSANE. i’ve got pictures, will be sure to post!

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here are some shots of the lab spaces on the R/V Atlantis, along with some of the scientists!  we don’t have a ton of space, but we use EVERY inch!  my lab space is awesome, because we’re separate from the main lab and can have our own music blasting while we build geochemistry samplers and/or remove water samples after collection.

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LIVE Deep sea science using the ROV JASON!

Everyone can be a part of our current expedition to the Juan de Fuca Ridge flank off the coast of Oregon and Washington!  We’re broadcasting all our dives with the ROV JASON LIVE on the internet!!  Through this website you can also ask questions, learn about our science team and the technology we’re utilizing, read blogs from our education team, and see what life on a research vessel is really like!!

When we’re not diving, the camera will be turned on the main lab where researchers are doing groundbreaking geochemical, geophysical, and microbiological research.  Once we get our audio issue resolved, we’ll be narrating what’s going on during the dives live on-air.

Join us and watch deep sea science as it happens!  We should be starting our second dive shortly.

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Return to Juan de Fuca……the purpose of our 2013 research cruise!

I’m out at sea aboard the R/V Atlantis with the ROV JASON…learn more about why we’re here doing this research in this video courtesy of Lisa Strong and others!  We’re in the Pacific visiting our long-term subseafloor observatories to help us learn more about the workings of how fluid moves inside the ocean crust!!

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